Self-initiated projects exploring some ideas and
mediums or techniques different from those that I am used to.
Memory (series of 10)
Personality Test (series of 3)
I Love You So Mutt (series of 26, fundraiser artshow for homeless dogs)
Girls (series of 7 tiny vectors)
Selected 3D artwork for group exhibitions
and also commercial products bearing some of my personal drawings.
"Dream Person", Chungking Express Artshow (Acrylic on rubber gloves)
"纸上谈兵", The Art of Rebellion (painted paperdoll)
"Infinite Improbability Drive", The HitchHiker's Guide Artshow (knitted painting)
Yellow's How-To mugs (enamel mugs)
Moon Legends (enamel tiffin carrier)
YellowLife (self-published comic zine)